Get Rid of Mice with Fox Urine

Folks, listen here… this one is hot off the press. I have previously reported that ammonia simulates the smell of fox urine which help deter mice – makes sense because foxes are a natural predator of mice. You can get rid of mice naturally with ammonia, but the application can be a bit troublesome. The only way to treat an area with ammonia is to pour the substance in little cups and place them all around the protected area. That is hardly ideal, but it does get the job done.

Well in my never ending effort to bring you safe and easy ways to rid your house of mice, I stumbled across this little jewel: fox urine granules. That’s right – they’ve bottled up fox urine in a solid granule form for easy application outdoors around your house. This is all natural, organic, non-toxic… it will not harm your vegetation. This is creme-de-la-creme. This is good stuff here – think about it for a second. This is preventing the mice from ever even approaching your house. Stop the mice before they even get to your front door with this easy to use product. Why deal with the nasty traps and disposal of dead mice when you can stop the mice from coming into your house, kitchen, garage, wherever BEFORE they come close?

The premise is the same and the effectiveness is unrivaled… use your knowledge about mice and their natural predators and simulate that said predator is nearby or has been recently. That application of this product is pretty simple too – nothing fancy, no need to use bait or strategically place traps. No need to defend yourself from the smart mouse that steals the bait. All you have to do is lightly spread it around the area you would like to protect.

For the first two weeks, apply the product twice a week. For the remainder of the season, spread the product around once weekly. This stuff can be used to deter rodents from your garden, or hey… why not spread it around your entire house? Prevent mice from coming in your house completely. Spread it around your garage. Spread it around your neighbors’ homes… with this secret method of getting rid of mice, you’re going to have yourself a profitable little side business to “treat” your neighbor’s home.

Know someone who has a mouse problem? Do them a favor and send them to this website first. This stuff works, but don’t expect it to do the trick over night. Give it a couple weeks for the signature scent to percolate throughout the environment around your home. If you apply it as suggested above and don’t just pile it on from day one, you’ll be very pleased with the results. Remember a light application twice a week the first two weeks, and a refresher application once a week thereafter.

Get your fox urine granules today, and consider your mice problems solved tomorrow!

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  1. cathy July 13, 2015 / 4:04 pm

    Were can you purchase fox urine from?

    • Jim July 19, 2015 / 4:10 pm

      Hi Cathy –

      I’ve seen them at the big name home improvement stores, or if you prefer to order it online, it’s available on Amazon: click here. Not sure if you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber, but this product is fulfilled by amazon and would be there in a couple days.

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