How to Keep Mice Away

The best way to deal with a mouse problem is not to get one in the first place. That’s what this article is dedicated to: mouse prevention. This site has plenty of articles written to deal with a mouse problem after you get it, but now I want to write about how to keep mice away before you get them!

What you need to know about mice is that they are looking for two things really, food and shelter. Since you can’t bulldoze your house, you’ll always have a good shelter for mice. What you can do is make that shelter inhospitable. Take away access to your home by clogging holes. Check around doors and windows for tiny cracks that may let mice in. Check near pipes or cables that enter your home to make sure they are adequately sealed. If the seal is broken, clog the hole with steel wool (or do it right and use some caulk). One you’re trying to do is make it more difficult for mice to find a way into your home.

The other aspect of keeping mice away is keeping food out of their mouths. First of all, you need to maintain a clean home. Food should be stored in re-sealable plastic containers. Mice can easily chew through cardboard and paper to get to your food. Sturdy plastic containers are your best bet, even for your 40 pound bag of dog food. They do make storage containers that large for a reason, after all. Also, do your best to store things off the ground in your garage. Mice are attracted to small tight areas. If you have a ton of stuff piled up against the walls, this is a mouse haven. Store things on shelves as much as possible.

If you eliminate food and shelter, you’ve taken two steps in the right direction. The third layer of defense is an active measure to counter mice. Use scents to deter mice from your home. One product bottles up the scent of natural predators in a granule form. If a mouse smells the scent of a fox or bobcat, it will steer clear of the area. This is a great natural method for keeping mice away from your home.

If you’re storing away a camper, as I’m sure you’re well aware, mice like to make that their home for the winter as well. Many people swear by using dryer sheets as an effective way to deter mice. When you winterize your camper, throw a bunch of dryer sheets inside near the door, in the cabinets, on the floor, under the bed, everywhere. For some reason mice despise the smell of the dryer sheets and will stay away. Plus when you come back next spring, your camper will smell pretty fresh… an added bonus! You can try the dryer sheet method in your home, but I’m not sure if it will be as effective as you’ll be coming in and out of the home. Since the camper will be closed off for an extended period of time, the scent will linger in the air and not get filtered as in the home. Your best bet is the natural defense I outlined above to keep mice away from your home.

Hopefully this helps keep mice away, but should your defenses fail and you need a way to get rid of mice, this site has plenty of resources at your disposal. Good luck!

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