Understanding Why You Have Mice

It’s official… the little buggers have invaded your home and now you need to know how to get rid of mice FAST. You’re probably wondering, “How could this happen to me? I keep my house clean – I’m not a slob.” Well, let me tell you – YOU’RE NOT ALONE! Before you learn how to get rid of mice, let’s understand why mice have decided to make themselves comfortable in your humble abode…

Why have they invaded my house?!

Before you can properly deal with a mice infestation problem, it’s good to understand why these little critters have made your home their business. Mice generally tend to enter houses during the fall time period as the days begin to get cooler. Their primary motivation for this is to move closer to their food supply.

Well, how did they get in?

Usually rats make their way into your house via small holes, perhaps near windows, doors, gaps in the foundation… sometimes they’ll walk in the door right behind you. Mice are able to squeeze through holes as small as your little pinkie finger. If the hole isn’t large enough, mice will even gnaw at little holes to make them bigger.

Alright then… I know why and I know how, but what I really want to know is how to get rid of mice.

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