A No-Kill Mouse Trap That Actually Works

One of the things that I do to make this a better resource for folks looking to solve their mouse problems is to scour the web looking for people that are currently experiencing a mouse invasion. These are real people with real mouse problems, just like you. The other day I came across a blog post at DiatribesAndOvations. The writer is in a situation where animals exist in close proximity to where the mouse traps would be set. Rather than risking injury to the animals (in his case it’s chickens, but this is true for any homeowner who has pets), he wanted to use a no kill trap to deal with the problem. He didn’t want a curious chicken (or in your case, maybe a small child or pet) to get snapped by the trap or consume poison intended to kill mice.  Since there were multiple mice involved, he also wanted a trap that could catch more than one mouse, so he didn’t have to free one mouse at a time.

He writes:

Eventually, my online research led us to a “Multiple Catch No-Kill Humane Mousetrap” (pictured). You’re supposed to place it near a wall, in corners or anywhere that mice have been seen. The advertisement said that a mouse’s own curiosity works as bait and a spring-loaded wheel moves the mouse into a separate compartment. Then the smell of one trapped mouse is supposed to lure others. The trap was designed to hold up to 15 live mice!

He approached it with skepticism, but “took the bait” and bought one anyway. To his surprise, he caught FOUR mice in the first night! He used peanut butter as a bait, which is what I always recommend. When I read about his success, I felt compelled to share it with readers that come across this page. If you’re looking for a humane live catch mouse trap, then this is it.

There’s one thing I always tell people that use these live catch traps though… you have to be sure to take the mice far from your home – on the order of miles.  Mice have a very keen sense of smell and can find their way back “home” from significant distances.  In this instance the writer says he dropped the mice off at point halfway between his home and office.

He did exactly the right thing by releasing them away from home … that is, unless he works at home … hmmm …

Hope you found this useful.  If you have experience with this trap, let me know… I’d love to hear your story as would other folks who may be considering this as their next purchase.

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