Using the Victor M260 Multi-Kill Mouse Trap to Get Rid of Mice

Today I want to tell you about a new mousetrap that a couple users have purchased and used to effectively get rid of their mice problem. It is the Victor M260 Multi-Kill Electronic Mouse Trap. This electronic mouse trap has a 100% kill rate for a quick and humane mice extermination. The trap is capable of killing up to 10 mice per deployment and will effectively kill 150 mice per set of batteries. One of the nice features of this trap is that it’s reusable. You buy it this year, but you’ll be using it for years to come. You can consider it an investment in ensuring a mouse free home.

The trap is designed with two points of entry, which is designed to provide diversity in attracting mice into the trap. It is built with a tunneled staircase design that is lab tested to effectively draw a mouse into the trap once they catch the scent of the bait. Bait is placed at the end of a pathway that has three electrically charged plates, which will deliver a fatal shock to the mouse. Generally the mouse will never make it to the bait, which means you will not have to re-bait the trap every time a mouse enters it. When a mouse gets zapped, it will be dropped into a holding chamber for disposal at a later time. The Victor M260 Multi-Kill Electronic Mouse Trap has an indicator light that will notify you when a mouse is in the chamber for disposal and also whether or not the chamber is full.

You can purchase the Victor multi-kill electronic mousetrap on Amazon, but it is not the cheapest option for killing mice. The nice thing is that it is a one time investment. If you only have a couple nice running around, you may be better off trying some of the other mouse deterrents that I have described on this website in previous articles, such as peppermint oil and mice. This is a heavy-duty trap for medium to large sized mouse infestations. This is an especially good mouse trap to use if you live in the country and have frequent mouse problems. For the occasional one or two, there are cheaper more cost-effective ways of capturing and killing mice.

If you check out the reviews on Amazon, you’ll notice that people are polarized… People either love it or hate it. This can be the case with a lot of electronic pest control devices. I would venture to say that most of the people that have not had success with electronic traps have used it ineffectively. If I had to venture a guess, I can tell you what these people did wrong.

1. Be sure to bait the trap with bait that works effectively. Use peanut butter as that seems to work best. Since the design of the trap prevents the mouse from ever getting to the bait because it is shocked in the hallway before it gets to the reward, feel free to use a liberal amount of peanut butter in order to ensure that the scent emanates freely and attracts the mice.

2. Trap placement plays a key role in the effective extermination of mice. Don’t place the trap in the middle of the room. You want to place it along the commonly traveled routes that mice use to get around your house. If you don’t know how mice are getting around your home or garage, try sprinkling baby powder along suspected pathways overnight. The next morning when you wake up, check the baby powder for mouse tracks. If you don’t see any, then mice are probably not coming into that area of your home. If you do see mouse tracks, then you know that mice are using this as their own personal highway, which makes an excellent place for the Victor multi-kill trap to be set. Your best bet is to try placing the trap along the side of the wall where mice are traveling. If the mice are in your kitchen, you’re not going to catch the mice by setting the trap in the garage. You may have to move it around to catch all of your mice.

3. Something I like to call bait competition If you’re setting the trap up in the kitchen with peanut butter, you have to make sure you’ve eliminated all other food sources in the kitchen. Why would a mouse go into the trap when you left a bag of Reese’s peanut butter cups sitting on the kitchen counter? All of your food must be sealed tightly in air tight plastic container so as not to emanate a scent that will attract mice away from your traps. It’s common sense, but a lot of people think that they can throw a few traps out there and the mice are going to magically migrate towards them. Put yourself in the mouse’s shoes (or paws)… if you were a mouse and saw some dark black scary hallway, would you go crawling there or would you go eat the seemingly unlimited supply of Reese’s peanut butter cups sitting on the counter. That’s what I thought.

4. Have I mentioned trap placement? I thought I should reiterate this point because it is so important. The reason why people feel that standard snap traps are more effective at getting rid of mice, is because usually when people deploy the snap traps they deploy a bunch of them because they are relatively cheap. They don’t set one trap and expect to catch 10 mice overnight. They’ll set 10 traps and hope to catch two or three mice. The reason they catch these two or three mice is usually because of dumb luck… It just so happens that they sent so many traps that a few of them are in the right place. If you can determine where the mice are at before you set the trap, the odds of actually catching a mouse increases dramatically. This is why the multi-kill trap is extremely effective in those instances where you’re dealing with a medium to large sized mouse infestation. There are so many mice to kill, when you set this trap in the middle of a lot, you’re bound to catch a lot.

People may be wondering what I mean by medium to large sized mouse infestations… I would say if you have 5 mice, you are on the verge of crossing into that threshold. The danger is that mice reproduce so quickly that a few mice if not handled quickly can turn into a whole lot of mice in very short order. The last thing you want to happen is for babies because then you’re going to need not one multi kill trap, but two or three because they will just be all over the place.

So if you feel like the Victor Multi-Kill Electronic Mouse Trap is for you, the cheapest I found it is on Amazon; you can have it shipped and delivered in a couple days. The trap works if you use it right. Follow my recommendations, and you’ll be sure to be living mouse free in no time. If you do go out and buy this trap, I’d be interested in hearing your feedback in the comments section below. What worked for you?

Thanks and good luck!

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