Exterminate Mice

There are some mice problems that may just be too much to handle for a non-professional such as yourself. Sometimes you need to call in the big guns and hire someone to professionaly exterminate mice. I wanted to briefly describe some signs that may suggest you need to hire a mouse exterminator in dealing with a mouse or rodent problem. Some of these signs of mice will be fairly evident, while others you may not have considered. They all have one common theme, however, mice are in your house and you need to know what the best way to get rid of mice is.

Let’s start with the obvious… if you have so many mice in your home that you’ve seen them crawling on top of each other in bunches, you may need to seek the help of an exterminator. See when mice breed, they don’t have one or two babies… they have a lot. If your mice problem has grown beyond the occasional mice here and there, your home may be acting as a breeding ground for the little rodents. It is imperative that you find the nest and dismantle it. If you’re not sure if there’s a nest, or you can’t find it, I’d recommend bringing in a mice exterminator to address the problem. Exterminators in this field are generally very professional, and have a lot of experience under their belts. While you may deal with a mouse problem once or twice a year, they deal with hundreds of rodent problems, year round.

Another advantage the mice exterminator has over the do-it-yourself method is some of the tools at their disposal. One of the common methods the exterminator employs to get rid of mice is poison. Yes, I know that I did a lot of hand waving and made a not of noise that you should not use poison to get rid of mice in a previous article, but this stuff is different. The professionals have access to certain chemicals that are not generally available over-the-counter, so-to-speak. The poison that the mice exterminators use has special chemicals in it to not only kill the mice, but to also quickly and efficiently dry the mouse remains out. The mice essentially die by dehydration, and the remains they leave will not smell for weeks like they do for standard poison if they die outside of your reach. Now there are ways to deal with the dead mouse smell, but why mess with it if a mouse exterminator can professionally handle the problem and prevent these things from happening in the first place.

Back to why you may want to consider hiring a rodent exterminator to handle your mouse problem for a moment. Obviously if you’re unable to stomach a dead mouse you catch in your traps, you may want to have someone else do it for you, but if you have pets or small children around, you may wish to consider using a professional. They are trained in the art of trap placement and baiting for rodents and will take the appropriate steps necessary to avoid putting your pets or small children in jeopardy. Let your exterminator know that you have concerns about this, and they will be sure to take the appropriate measures to both effectively get rid of the mice, as well as protect your pets or small children.

Some exterminators guarantee their work for a specified period of time… I’d like to stress some, not all, and it may depend on the overall situation. If an exterminator rids your home of mice, and the mice suddenly reappear shortly thereafter, the exterminator may come back and treat your home again free of charge, or at a reduced rate. At the same time, if an exterminator gets rid of all the mice in your home and they keep coming back, you may wish to read an article on how to prevent mice from coming in your house or garage in the first place! Lucky for you, I have one of those you can dust off and read.

Hopefully this article helped open your eyes to some of the methods and reasons why you may want to hire a mouse exterminator. If hiring professional help is not for you, there are plenty of do-it-yourself tips and tricks to get rid of mice, so check out the links and read up.

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