Eliminating Mice with Mouse Poison

So you’re thinking traps aren’t for you, but poison is how to get rid of mice the quickest and most efficiently…? While poison is an effective way of killing mice, it is not the recommended approach for dealing with the furry critters, and here’s why…

When you place a trap as described in the previous post, you have absolute control of the situation. If the rat takes the bait, he will most likely get caught up in your trap. That leaves the mouse right there waiting for you to readily dispose of it.

But you say you can’t stand the sight of a living mouse let alone a dead one… using poison the mouse has a chance to run back out into the field and die a death far from your home. This is a very real possibility, but what you’re giving up is that absolute control. Instead of dying a death far from your home, what if that same mouse dies in your home. Give it a few days, and you’ll know it because the stench will become overwhelming.

Imagine this scenario, Mr. Mouse takes a bite of poison and then decides to go back and chill out in his nest… well, it just so happens that his nest is in one of your walls. As Mr. Mouse is taking a nap in his nest after a large meal (don’t you do the same sometimes?), he never wakes up from his deep sleep. Mr. Mouse is dead… in your wall, decomposing and stinking up your entire house. Do you know how to get a dead mouse out of your wall? You bust a hole in it!!

Don’t say I didn’t warn you if you decide to use poison anyways as your favorite way how to get rid of mice!

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