Top 5 Tips to Get Rid of Mice for Good!

I know you’ve been scouring the web looking for information on either how to kill mice or at least how to get rid of the rodents. You’ve probably run across various home remedies or natural solutions to deal with the infestation, but you’re not really sure which avenue to go down. Let me break it down for you with 5 easy to follow tips to get rid of mice for good!

1. If you have more than one mouse, and you probably do, it’s often times more effective to take a multi-faceted approach. Don’t just lay snap traps one at a time and expect the mice to just go up to them and get trapped. It doesn’t really work that way. Set up multiple mouse traps and use a variety of them. Some smart mice have learned from experience what certain traps look like, so if one type is it working, deploy a variety of mouse traps. Bait the traps with peanut butter or chocolate, NOT cheese. The effectiveness of the traps will increase ten-fold.

2. Consider using some home remedies to get rid of mice. This could provide the additional variety necessary to rid yourself of the smart mice. Try using peppermint oil, mothballs, or ammonia along with mouse traps. Just make sure you don’t put these deterrents right next to the traps, as that will be counterproductive. Try putting peppermint oil in more open areas that are highly trafficked by people, and place the traps hidden in pantries or cabinets out of sight. Following these two tips will help you get rid of the mice once they’re there, but why not stop them before they show up in the first place?

3. It is imperative that you eliminate the source of food to prevent mice from returning. You’re going through all the effort to rid your house of mice, why not go the extra step and get rid of them for good! Seal all your food containers tightly… a cardboard box is not considered sealed tightly. If necessary by plastic snap tight containers to store your cereal (it’s actually probably better anyways, as it will stay fresher over a longer period of time – added bonus for you efforts).

4. One more tip on mouse prevention. Plug up all access points no matter how small or inconsequential that may seem. As I’ve said in previous posts, a mouse can squeeze through a hole the size of your pinkie. To plug up the hole temporarily, use steel wool. Anything other than steel, the mouse will be able to chew through without even breaking a sweat. If it tries to gnaw through the steel wool, you’re going to have a toothless mouse wandering around your home.

5. Last but not least, you may find yourself in the unfortunate spot to have a mouse die within your confines and emit a lovely musty odor. Getting rid of it is pretty easy as long as you buy the right stuff. In my previous post on getting rid of the dead mouse smell, I mentioned a product called Fresh Wave Continuous Release Odor Neutralizing Gel. It works, and I explain why in that post, so if you’re looking for more info, check it out.

That about wraps up this post on getting rid of mice for good. If you follow these tips from beginning to end, you should find yourself leading a life without the stress of mice in your life. Do yourself a favor by taking the time to implement the preventative measures described to keep mice away from your home, car, or garage.

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  1. Pat June 1, 2015 / 12:33 pm

    Where can I purchase Fresh Wave? Does a deade mouse smell like sewage smell as we have this odor but only centered towards the front of the house. We live in Ottawa,Ontario,Canada

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